Moderne Hippie’s in de Nevada desert – Burning man – Trey Ratcliff

Posted on september 21, 2010


Vet artikel van reis fotograaf Trey Ratcliff over het bizarre fenomeen “Burning man” in de Nevada desert

Daily Photo(s) – A World Away at Burning Man

I asked my workshop class in London, “Who has heard of Burning Man?” Less than half the class raised their hands, so maybe it requires a bit of explanation!

Burning Man is a gathering in the desert of Nevada every year that attracts tens of thousands of artists, geeks, hippies, and everyone in between. People stay in costume all week, prepare fabulous art pieces, build extreme camps, drive outrageous art cars, and more.

I wore goggles most of the week to combat the frequent sand storms that come out of nowhere. They bathe the entire landscape in an orange scouring sand that exacerbates the post-apocalyptic scene. Because I became so used to seeing Burning Man through my goggles, I wanted to bring the experience to you as well. Below are a selection of photos with captions underneath.

Burning ManMy steampunk goggles that came in handy when the desert storms ripped through the landscape.

Burning ManPutting on the goggles near The Thunderdome, one of the many camps and fighting arenas that spontaneously appear in the impromptu city.

Burning ManThe googles fully on… and now you can see what I see…

Burning ManA traveler rests in front of a massive art structure. The art piece in the back has a hollow trunk that allows people to climb up to the spherical cage on top.

Burning ManIn the middle of the city is a vast expanse of desert where anyone can set up art pieces. Here, a small booth offering advice was erected. I sat down for a moment and they said I was beyond help.

Burning ManNear my camp, a burner walks near the radio tower of Babel.

Burning ManEvery evening, a group of lamplighters walk through Black Rock City, hanging lanterns atop tall poles to keep the pathways lit for other travelers.

Burning Man

Trey ratcliff

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